What’s your best investor hack?

  • When sending a cold email, I’ve used Rapportive to find their gmail account. They’re usually not inundated on their personal accounts and usually respond (not always favorably). Most commonly, the naming convention is something like firstlast@ or Twitter handle@.

  • Commenting on an investors blog a couple of times, replying on Twitter, subscribing to their newsletter, and then maybe writing a blog post following up one of their ideas.

    At that point, you’re on the investors radar, and can send a cold showcasing the post your wrote and asking for feedback. Include a link in your signature to your product, and the investor will most likely take a look and write back to your email because they at least recognize your name in their inbox.

    Don’t do this insincerely though… You need your comments, tweets, posts and emails to be authentic. Try to build a real relationship on a mutual love for startups and technology.

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