What to do after a flop?

My first startup has died and I’ve been debating what to do next. Part of me just wants to find a job so I can take a couple of years off from that world-on-my-shoulders feeling and also not be homeless. But doing a startup gave me some of the most incredible growth opportunities of my life, and I’m terrified of what it means to take even a couple of years away from that. I know someone else here is bound to have dealt with this – what did you do?

  • Agreed. Take things day to day, reflect and figure out your next moves. And don’t beat yourself up. This is part of the journey.

  • I know the feeling well. My best advice is you owe it to yourself to sit back and focus on you. The good news is that no job will ever be harder then the startup. And the experience and knowledge will stay with you for a long time.

    As for the future see this time as a way to recharge and explore.

  • Only incredibly lucky people (like literally one in probably 250M) avoid failure. Zuckerberg is the classic example: stole someone else’s idea, built it over 3 weeks (wow, what little time investment), happened to be in a market that was going mobile and at a school with fast adoption and make billions. There were many other services that knew the market better but didn’t have the blind luck of being at Harvard at that time.

    Most everyone else has to fail to learn lessons. No shame in that. Though I will tell you being in the valley and over 30 and not a billionaire is basically a walk of shame.

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