What have you done to drive traffic?

We have no money to spend on advertising. We’ve gotten some press and been featured on other sites. Aside from that, we’ve been relying on social sharing and SEO to capture new visitors.

I’m curious if anyone has any unique inexpensive, or free, tactics they’ve used to drive traffic?

  • Check this out https://startupsanonymous.com/story/what-to-do-when-your-launch-get-zero-traction/

    It is something I put together for another person on here… The reality is; either you spend money and time or just a lot of your time. Either way, there is a cost attached to it. Silver bullets are few and far between and attention costs money, especially quality converting attention that turns into real cash / business.

    Once you get over the initial daunting stage, and roll your sleeves up; you can build real momentum.

    Good luck.

  • For us the best driver of traffic is word-of-mouth referrals. We spend $0 on ads, and spend most of our time directly emailing potential customers. You don’t get everyone, but the ones who hop on to our platform end up loving it. They have a friendly bond with us, and us to them and they share it in a much better way than we ever could.

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