What do you do when your launch gets no traction?

When your press releases don’t get replies, your social media posts aren’t seen and you’re almost out of investment – what would you do?

  • OK, so you have little money left and short on time. So you need to get the whole team on this and start as fast as possible.

    I know nothing about what you do; so I will generalise to give you some ideas.

    Quick wins –
    Be clear on your questions and ask the hard questions… Its fast and cheap.

    You can participate and get some free feedback in return…

    Get out the office and go where your market is and get hardcore feedback and document their thoughts. Look hard for all the negative stuff and then rank it. You don’t want yes men, you need good actionable feedback… Most people don’t like to do this but normally you get great feedback and it is worth while to find out if it is worth continuing on your current path.

    Contact your current users and find out why they are not using the product. Again ask the hard questions and even offer them some Amazon vouchers etc.

    Once you have done that – Read these blogs and run some tests…


    These will give you loads of ideas for tests to implement and see if you can get some short term lifts to help you define long term goals.

    Read this blog by Neil Patel http://www.quicksprout.com/blog/ but most importantly check out the following:


    This is of course if you have no money to spend and willing to put in some serious elbow grease…

    SEO is a long game, if you have a searchers intent market (people actively searching and you have not just invented the new wheel) then run a PPC Campaign so you can understand the competitive landscape. And… know what can be targeted longterm as to not waste your time. Depending on your market, it could be as little as a couple hundred quid… This is a good way of not going after keywords that are just high search volume and attracting tyre kickers.

    Look at your cash on hand and work out how long your current runway is.

    Get a plan together and allocate all the team to where they fit best and set some reasonable targets against deadlines and measure the hell out of everything.

    If you have investors, sit down with them and go through everything and articulate your plan and let them know you are going to work 7 days a week to get the execution on course. Being upfront is best as they might drop in some more cash or extend you a line of credit.

    I did some of the above years ago with different tools and it bought me numerous quarters. It was immense work, but it got us through a long tricky patch.

    Good Luck…

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