What do you do when a business that is very interested in partnering with your startup ghosts you?

I had five businesses that were very interested in partnering with my startup they just needed to see more on pricing … I sent them it and then no response.

I let it go for two weeks and then emailed with a follow-up and still no response. How do you get people to just respond to you with a definite answer of yes or no? And, why would they suddenly change?

  • They were not very interested… that’s why they ghosted you. You’re not getting a definite no because if other investors commit they might change their mind and commit as well.

    Investors only do “yes” and “maybe later”. If you don’t have a definite yes you got a “maybe later”. You can contact them again 3 or 6 months down the road when you have good progress to share.

  • They used your pricing for their own comparitive metrics, to see what others are doing in the industry. Once they got what they needed they felt no obligation to continue, as they didn’t see you can provide value to improve over their current way of doing things.

    Next time, have them give you their pricing; and you make the call on if its acceptable or not.

    First rule of negotiation, never be the first one to say a price.

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