How do I validate a b2b product when bootstrapping with a full-time job?

How do I validate a b2b product when bootstrapping with a full-time job.

Churn of 1099 sales guys is too much; sales cycle of the industry is 6-9 mth?

Asking 1099 sales rep to set up meetings, but having tough time retaining them for more than a 1mth or 2.

Should I give up or are there any alternatives? Ready to give up equity and also commissions (yep product and PoC is done)

Can’t give up full time job any time soon and need to fund this company through that.

  • Common problem. Here would be an option to ‘sales guy appointment setting’ model.

    Focus on setting aside a little time in your day for finding “influencers” on Twitter in other B2B companies/product categories that are adjacent to your category. Invite them in as part of advisory ‘board’.

    Let them become early users and you grab a little street cred as they give you feedback.

    Sales types need too much support to succeed early but other CEOs, CTOs, CMOs at other B2B players can be very helpful in getting you early traction..

  • Thanks! Every time a 1099 sales rep leaves, I was licking my wounds and thinking harder, why?

    I am now seriously considering “apptmt setters”. For an enterprise/b2b campaign, what would be the most reasonable and affordable pricing? Packages are varying from 1.5K to 10K and berond as I researched. My objective is to round up 10-15 local CxOs in my city (‘am in a large metro in midwest). Any pointers on this would be great.

    SA rocks!

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