When are unpaid internships ok?

I have 1 year of marketing experience at a startup and I’ll be interning for another series A funded startup this summer. It’s an unpaid position, which is not a problem since I’m young and still in school, but my other position was paid and I also have two clients who pay me for marketing work.

Should I ask for payment? I think the startup is undervaluing my skillset due to my age.

  • Yes, you should go with the paid internship. You’ll get experience and money. The only time it’s a good idea to take an unpaid internship is if it’s a stepping stone for a paid job at that company.

    Like for instance if you’re an MBA student and you take an unpaid internship position at Goldman Sachs and you want to work at Goldman Sachs when you graduate, it’s a good idea since it gets your foot in the door and will give you a leg up on the competition when you do have your degree.

  • I totally agree. I think that if you are already getting paid by clients for your work then you definately are bringing value to ge table. Unpaid internships are for those who want to get a leg in and are doin so due to heir lack of knowledge and experience I the filed.

    Basically unpaid internships are ok if he com pay is teaching you new skills and you are a drain on the company’s operations which in this case you are not.

  • I should point out too that although the goal of an internship for you should be to get a paid position the employer should never bait you with a “promise” of a paid position at the end of your internship. It’s my understanding that, that is illegal.

    • Note the bill of rights also agrees that unpaid is possible:

      “All interns deserve fair compensation for their work, usually in the form of wages

      and sometimes in the form of dedicated training.

  • NEVER. It’s akin to a modern day slavery. You devalue yourself and those around you if you do. After all, who wants to pay anyone to do anything when you can get someone to do it for free?

    Plus, You’ve got bills to pay and a mouth/mouths to feed presumably. Never forget that.

    PS: Read up on the Gawker Intern lawsuit currently going on.

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