What does a Trump Presidency mean for startups?

I've been a supporter of Trump since the beginning, but not because of what he does for the startup economy, but because of what he does for America. 

I'm curious to know what others think his impact may be on startups? 

  • I have a startup myself and Trump will probably cause some disruption in the equity markets that will dry up funding for a while.

    However I myself am a closet Trump supporter in CA not because I like the man. I don’t. But feel his nomination is a necessary move to shake up the corrupt status quo.

    I will probably regret it as it may be a net negative to my company but one cannot always be selfish I guess.

  • Startups won’t be affected much. Startups run on venture capital and that’s not going to dry up anytime soon. California exists in a bubble that’s pretty well insulated from federal policy.

    It’s regular middle class people who will get hurt by the Trump presidency. The rich and highly educated will be fine.

  • It’s too soon to tell. Every candidate uses hyperbole and makes claims they never back up. Generally, lower taxes are good for call. Reduction in regulation is good for all. Eliminating barriers to competition is good for all. There are a lot of theoretical economic positives but we are in the infancy of objective measurement. It certainly cannot be any worse than the previous 8 years where we have record numbers of people on government benefits and out of the work force.

  • I think that Trump is unstable- and in unstable times investment contracts. I believe that we’ll see a ripple effect. Especially if he keeps fucking tweeting

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