How to transition to the venture side of startups?

I've been in the tech/startup space for the last 10 years, as both an employee and a founder. Over that period, I've been tapped several times for mentorship and/or for advice and have really come to enjoy it. 

Haven't had any serious cashouts to put me in a position to invest in companies personally, but I'd really like to start transitioning towards the venture side of the industry. 

I'm wondering if there is anyone here that has transitioned themselves and have some insights to share on how best to go about it? 

  • A lot of the people in venture have come up through the traditional finance/consulting ranks with 0 operational experience or have been very successful founders. If you’re not one of these, your best hope is to get an EIR role and prove high ROI for a fund. The other way is to be a successful angel for a decade and hope that your track record allows you to become a partner at a smaller firm. Angelist syndicates can help you start such an endeavor.

  • Don’t. There’s enough shitty ass people on the finance side. Make your company work, then invest in good companies later.

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