Are we tired of the VC blogspam yet?

Every half baked angel/VC is now blogging and newlettering, which is leading to an overload in my newsfeed!  Even without subscribing to an individual site, you still get bombarded because you subscribe to news aggregators that are now also picking up those sites.  They’ve suddenly realized they have competition and founders have more choice.  So they’ve glommed on to the uh, “branding”  bandwagon in order to stand out.  And tactic 101 is blogging.  Even when they haven’t anything original to say.  Never had to tweak my Yahoo Pipes so hard to exclude junk from my newsfeeds.

  • I find some have value, many do not.

    Keep in mind, 99% of VCs are still sitting in their ivory towers and won’t address the commoners.

      • LOL. You mean “its nice to see more marketing”, because that’s just them publishing what they think you (founders) want to hear and what they think will draw more publicity and deals for them.

  • The VC blog-spam issue is the same as the MBA issue – the don’t REALLY get it.

    Please talk about theory, how to get meetings blah blah blah but at the end of the day they have no clue what really goes into building a business at the earliest of days unless they’ve done it. Run your reports. Stoke some ego’s and then go F yourself.

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