Thoughts on the post listing male VCs infamous for hitting on female founders during pitch or business meetings?

Shocked because the post has over 200 comments and named quite a few names. And practically each name listed got several votes and comments, showing that many other people agree. Some of names noticed: Charlie O’Donnell, Rob Theis, Justin Caldbeck, Jonathan Teo, Shervin Pishevar, Bryan Biniak, Chris Sacca, Chamath P., Jeremy Liew, Steve Anderson, Paige Craig, etc

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  1. Bet it felt great for some of the contributors to name and shame and find some unity with other victims.

    Sadly a couple of names of people I will most probably never meet does nothing to change the sleezebag VC culture or impact the unconscious bias that one of the Secreters so adeptly describes… I wouldn’t frank bias worse than being sleeved by a VC Douchebag but I agree it’s insidious.

  2. Men who find entrepreneurial women attractive are bad ?

    Personally I find women who create, found and launch a startup to be more desireable (romantic or not) than any other.


    1. To @kaffegeek: Are you making a lame ass attempt at trolling or you really have pockets of air where brains should be?

      Men in positions of power (eg VCs) who insist on discussing personal aspects (eg comments/questions on dating/sex) in a situation meant to be business only (eg pitch meeting) are a fucking problem. If I’m meeting you for a business event, I don’t want to know what you think of my attractiveness, keep your fucking opinions on anything personal to yourself and focus only on the business we’re supposed to be discussing. Because I don’t give a flying fuck about you except for business.

    1. NO ARSEHAT. Met with VC to discuss business, was sexually harassed even though I took that meeting ONLY to discuss business, end. of.

      1. ++1 Why is it so hard to understand that any communication of a sexual nature in a strictly business setting is harassment? Especially when we’re not dating and I did not explicitly ask for such communication?

        1. It’s incredible that they think that if they flirt with you and you don’t like it, YOU’RE the problem. No dipshit, we don’t want you. Your mommy was wrong, you’re not a precious fucking flower that girls are dying to get to know. Ask a girl on a date in a personal situation, leave that shit out of the workplace. Jesus Christ.

  3. honestly we don’t give a crap if you find us desirable or not. don’t fucking care so mind your business. imagine we are a dude, do you care if they are attractive? well same with women.

    in my first ever meeting with a VC he answered my thank you note saying that I was very smart and pretty .. even after he asked me for my personal life and I told him how I was happily married and with children.

    go fuck yourself. who do you think you are? a rockstar? yes, that’s exactly what he thinks he is. He told me he was on VC for the money and the women.

  4. obviously this is bad behavior, and it is learned and passed on from their mentors. People with power/money use that to their advantage. Don’t let your yourself be victim or contribute to this behavior, speak up. If you hear of your fellow male/female contributing to these advances also speak up. There is carelessness on both sides.

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