Stuck on my MVP

I’m working on my first startup solo. I’m building something in the travel industry (I know it’s bloated but I’m passionate about traveling and I don’t feel any website does what I want it to when I’m thinking of going on a trip).

I’m working on my MVP and it’s fucking horrible. It doesn’t do anything, just a bunch of information (although organized quite well) that doesn’t really differentiate from other startups like gogobot, etc.

I am feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what I’m building, so I’ve become stagnant. I’m a serious perfectionist so I’ll never be happy about what I build, but this just doesn’t even seem like a valuable MVP. What the hell do I do?

  • Probably because thing that you build is not startup. I mean if even you not satisfying of you product, why anybody would do? It’s pretty damn a lot of travel-“startups” who do the same “organize information” shit without scaling (i.e. info blog/site, not tech startup, and most work on writing).

    I have pretty same problem, and it took for me 2 years and few “MVP-buliding” stages before I get right idea/vision of product (in travel also).. But by now I’m on stage “ok, I have product that I like to use, as same as other 50 people, whatl I should do next?”. I just unsure, why it’s not growth that I want – because bad promotion skill, or product not good enough (people not stay at site, even if they get into).

  • If you, the one person who is supposed to be most passionate about your idea, says

    “it’s fucking horrible. It doesn’t do anything, just a bunch of information (although organized quite well) that doesn’t really differentiate from other startups like gogobot, etc.”

    I’d say the idea sucks and it’s time to pack it in and move on.

    • Have you gone through the creative process before? Most creative people aren’t satisfied with their product.. their work never feels right nor finished.

      A creative founder has to define for him/herself what is good enough, meet that level, and move on.

  • So what is it that’s stumping you?

    a) Not sure what you’re building? As in whats the “unique” thing that makes your MVP special?

    b) Having an idea what your MVP “should do”, but not exactly how it should work (as in the layout, user flows etc).

    c) Knowing exactly how it should look and work, but your skills are limiting your ability to build it regardless of how “minimal” the features are?

    • Literally all 3 of these, but the main issue is A. And I know the entire purpose of the MVP is to put something out and discover your “it” factor, but what I have built so far just doesn’t seem worth using. I’m not sure if I’m being too hard on myself or realistic

      • I don’t get it. If u don’t know what’s unique about your idea why did you start? Did you just want to build a random travel related idea?

        Good ideas are either vitamins or painkillers. Makes someone money or fixes a problem. If yours is neither it’s much harder to build on.

  • Look if an MVP got you to a point that says “this sucks,” then your MVP actually accomplished something. You envisioned a concept and you realized it’s not going to work. You saved yourself a crapload of heart ache down the road. So now the only question is, how do you iterate from here or do you move on?

    Another thing: figure out what you’re so passionate about with travel and figure out what that singular pain point is. Then figure out why your MVP doesn’t reduce that pain. Solve for that first. Then add more later. Perhaps you actually tried to do too much or went astray of your actual vision

  • Step back and scale this right down. What is the single most important value proposition. Make sure you validate this from a landing page etc then build an MVP based only on this one feature. Bloat will kill an MVP. If you can’t code build as much as you can from other tools and do any clever stuff yourself. I built my first MVP with a quick static website and lots of Google forms. The data came in, I did some thinking and then I edited the static website as if it was real.

    Build your MVP as fast as you can and get real people to test it then you will have an objective measurement of whether its crap.

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