Which steps should I do for improving my idea, since I have no technical skills?

I really mean NO technical skills: no web-developer skill, no business skill, no marketing skill. Just a problem solving predisposition, and some human connections as potential customers and collaborators. And a lot of ideas. Moreover, the product is not simple to create, so I can’t learn to do it. But maybe, I can learn the other stuff.

  • The business and marketing side is not so difficult to learn. See if you can get a number of customers by cold-calling. If the problem you’re solving is a big pain point then you should be able to persuade some of the businesses to pay you in advance to develop the product, and in exchange you’ll promise that your solution will solve their problem perfectly.

    With those checks in hand you should have no trouble finding a highly skilled technical co-founder. Then split the biz 50/50.

    You can’t be just the idea guy. So you’ll have to learn to hustle. Not gonna lie, it won’t be easy. Success is possible though, if you’re creative and resourceful.

    • Yes, I understand, but the first part is really hard! I need something to show to investors becouse the problem I’m going to solve is not so obvius. Oh, how I’d like to listen your thinks about my stuff…!

  • Being non-technical isn’t necessarily bad, but being completely ignorant is a problem. I’d suggest at least spending some effort into understanding the key areas of importance in the technical side of what you’re looking to create.

    If you don’t, you won’t have any way to differentiate between a glib talker with a resume vs. someone who can actually create what you envision.

    For example: if you’re creating an app – you don’t need to be an app developer to understand that the app has to load quickly. If it doesn’t – you lose almost all your potential users even before the first screen pops up. This type of thing, you should be able to learn by research and asking around.

    • Yep, this is the point. I have – I think – the ability to understand how the product has to be, finally, and maybe even more of those who have the technical skills to create it. And this becouse I already am a customer, and this is also the reason why I had the idea: becouse I am a dissatisfied customer (for example, it would be pretty to put a lettering or something that do understand I’m the same who wrote the initial post (it is just an exemple!)). So, If it’s true that I have a vision, I think I could have something more to offer, something true. The problem is: can I persuade someone skilled that I have this vision? Ok, it sounds presumptuos, and maybe it is, but it has to be so. But it is not enough: I want to learn all the things I need to be more believable and smart, and not being an empty glib talker. I have no curriculum, no experience…and 27 years old. I have to learn all the technical stuff that doesn’t need years to be learned! Business, marketing, economic stuff. And a great pitch, I think. It is true?

      Sometimes I think I just need to be a great communicator and motivator…

      Sorry for my English 🙂

      • There are ways to test this. Go to some startup events, and talk to people. If you find a technical guy who isn’t presently committed to a startup, talk about your idea and how you see it being implemented vs. what he’d see.

        As a non-technical person, it can be very difficult to bridge between what you think can be done (out of your own ignorance) vs. what actually can be. One example is that without the technical proficiency – you don’t even know what you don’t know. You don’t know about fundamental problems in technology which someone in it would know. You don’t know what tradeoffs might occur in doing things the way you want them done vs. a clear cut business objective. The last, for example, is very common: you want a beautiful start screen that samples all the user’s social media blah blah, or pulls up a fancy profile, or whatever – but doing so means it takes 30 seconds to load the app. Kiss of death.

        • Normally, I look at others app to realize what can be do or not. But what you say is true, I need someone helps me.

  • This situation is a dime a dozen out there.Then your next fear will be someone stealing your idea. Then you’ll have lock jaw.

    Dig into the big tech blog sites like Techcrunch and just read -and keep reading

    the articles for the next 6 months. I’ve been doing this for 5 years.

    I have steady income.So no hurry to implement some of my ideas

    until the timing is right.

    If you’re not ready to go into battle. Back out now.

  • Go to a Startup Weekend and pitch your idea. Get tech people interested to work on it, and make it into a business model. You might even find a tech co-founder that you are comfortable working with this way.

    Don’t worry about anyone stealing your idea. The benefits of sharing far outweigh the risks!

    • I have to be honest: normally I have no problem to speak a lot about my idea – and I understand the benefits! – but I think it could be different with a skilled technical: he would have a huge advantage on me. If I was skilled too, I would have no problem to tell it to everybody, becouse I also could work on the idea. But sometimes technical people have a lot of time to spend working on something they discovered…or not?

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