Startup is raising their series B, HR lady said they have to wait until after they close to give me an offer.

Have they been wasting my time or does this make sense? Process has taken ~3 months already.

  • 3 months?! F**k ’em and go somewhere else. 3 months from application (or worse, interview date) is too long and reeks of bumbling bureaucracy and/or disorganization. Most importantly: it is a sign of how long you’ll be kept hanging just get some small thing approved, if you worked there.

    • One thing is guaranteed, the most common advice in any forum is “fuck that guy”.

      They likely don’t have the $ to pay you. Perhaps that’s why they won’t hire.

      • I got one of these “sorry we’re glad you sent a resume but actually not able to hire right now” responses recently. I’m not even sure if the company still exists–and I don’t care.

        Do you really want to work somewhere that strings you along for an entire quarter?

  • Part of it might be due to their CAP table too, depending on how much of their employee stock they’ve already dolled out. They might want to get you in the next round for that reason. Annoying either way but what can you do about it.

    At least you’ll know it’s not going to crash and burn right away after a new round of funding. Who know’s how long of a runway they have to work with right now and if you got in and they didn’t get the funding then they might be looking at cuts – last in, first out.

  • In other words, they are interviewing other candidates and will give you a job if they can’t find someone cheaper with the skillset that they are looking for. We can’t hold that against them, right?

    Continue to interview. You don’t have options to choose from, yet.

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