Startup Initial Equity Split Agreement

So I have been looking for a sample startup equity split agreement and I can’t find one.

I know that the best way would be to have one drafted by an attorney but at this stage of the game the money is best spent elsewhere.

There are all sorts of sample legal documents available online but not this ?! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    • Not looking for ideas on how to split equity. Looking for a sample agreement that would give me specif language and points to cover. Like a fill in the blank legal document

  • Write it yourself. Legal contracts are not required to use any specific terminology. Just remember not to take anything for granted and write down every condition you wish your partners to be bound to.

  • Speaking from experience, go through an attorney. Do the research, come to terms with what the agreement it, get an operating agreement generally agreed upon (don’t sign anything yet) and then have an attorney review it. It might take 2 hours and $800 but it is worth it to ensure that you know what you’re actually putting together and there isn’t any funky language in the agreement. I went the template route and am in the process of undoing it and it’s not all that easy. Please work with an attorney I promise you’ll thank me.

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