Is my startup any good after 10 days of rollout with the following numbers?

Hi we have rolled out a startup 10 days ago. We have got some numbers but not sure if it’s good enough or not. Here are the following numbers:

10 days rollout

51,552 page views

11,739 unique users visit

12,123 free online services taken from our site.

I know it’s definitely not a great start but I feel we are on to something given currently we are just doing Google adwords. No other marketing at all.

Anyone give some comments based on your real experience if this is something that worth continuing?

  • If you’re willing to give up after 10 days you’re not that serious about your startup. Try to get your traffic up (without spending more on ads). If traffic starts building then people like what you’ve got to offer and you can focus on making a better product/service. If traffic refuses to go up then you may face a more difficult decision.

  • All these numbers depend on what you did to get them. A website never gets 50K views if all you do is “launch” it. If you you had Techcrunch, CBS, MSNBC and the Today Show cover it then perhaps 50K is weak, but it all depends.

    Give us more information on what you did before and during the 10 days and we’ll be able to give more feedback.

    • We only did Adwords nothing else. Not on tech crunch, msn the like.

      We are definitely not giving up but want to see if any experienced people can give some insights as if this is a good enough proof of market demand.

      We got email from users asking for more and trying to figure out the right price point for premium services.

      Any suggestions is great. Thanks.

  • You can’t judge after only 10 days. This is only a launch. If you expected millions of page views, ok, this is a reality check: you were simply dreaming. Before day one, nobody knows what will be the results for a new product or service offering. Now, you have the first figure for your projections, and you can start to measure your progress and growth. That’s all. Compute the minimal growth you need for your business to become profitable before you run out of money. And do all you can to obtain this growth. You may have to refine, enhance, and maybe pivot. But it will take months to know if your project is viable. Not days. You are in a startup, it is never a quick win like a lottery.

  • One thing I’ve noticed about this website and reddit/startups is that at reddit the

    “entrepreneurs” aren’t afraid to post a link to their website and demand

    the crowd to critique it. Here.It seems “entrepreneurs” are afraid to post

    what they’re doing and we’re just supposed to wonder why you’re struggling.

    Please stop being afraid of someone stealing your idea.

    Post a link to your creation.

    If that’s not allowed that’s fine. Just stating my opinion.

    • This is a different place. Here, you are anonymous, so you can write what you really want to say. You don’t have to think about your reputation or anything like that. If people know who you are and what you do, you are not free to write your truth.

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