Startup failed, college ruined, sweetheart not interested, lonely and broken

I built my company and neglected my college studies for 6 months. I tried to build a team, they came and left. We were selected by India’s largest startup incubator, NASSCOM 10K Startups. It didn’t no good. My company is succumbing to lack of money and team.

I devoted 2 tough years of my life to my startup and when I tried to return back to college to return to my life, I was shown doors. The girl I love so much is still not interested.

I am 24 and haven’t even graduated. I have no job and running my life on parents’ begging. Got caught up with cigarettes, no meaning of life, a burden in myself, lonely and broken…

  • I don’t see where’s the problem. Dropping out of school doesn’t make you the next Zuckerberg and it doesn’t give you the advantage to succeed. I’m not trying to be mean here, but most of the success stories you hear about are only half the truth. Blind faith in some idea is not gonna get you success. Those who dropped out of school did something they cared about, because they wanted to use it. They saw the opportunity, got good at it and then took action. Build something that YOU care about, if it works then good, if not, try something else.

  • Pick up the pieces and move forward. Find a job doing whatever in a field that you love. Your experience with your company and working in an environment that you love will bring you good things. Trying to go back to old things that didn’t work will lead you nowhere. You are young and have the entire world in front of you. Now go get it.

  • Assuming you dropped out of engineering. Not sure which university you were studying in but Pune University has the 16 semester ‘Not Fit For Technical Education’ rule. I finished mine in my 15th semester after my tryst with Starting-up.

    Looking at the fact that you are still 24, you should still have 4 semesters to finish your course. Time to pull up your socks, get your head down, ditch the cigarettes, register more credits per semester and finish what you started. You have to live today to die another day.

  • follow above advise or send profile & notes , specially what do you wish .

    I will spare time for you if found interesting , offer mentor roll , you work and survive , I support from back side . No cost to you now or later nor any expectation.

    wish to ensure that capable & willing young blood to find a solution of your own and define on to how you want help with one promise that you will get up , focus hard work and succeed .

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