Started a company under an alias, now I need to switch back. What do I do?

I was moonlighting on the project and built a product to fill a void in my companies offering. I did all the work during the evening hours and on my own dime. However, I’ve left the company and now running my own business.  When I was employed with the company, I was using an alias. Now, I would like to start using my true identity.

How can I switch from the alias to the true identity?  I need a good story to tell people and put them in touch with the new and true identity. Also, what story should I use to kill the old identity. I worked with only a handful of people  using the old alias.

  • If you don’t make a big deal out of it I don’t think anybody will care. Change the name on your website/business cards, etc. Keep using your old name with existing clients if you think that’s the road of least resistance. If they ask you can always say “it’s a long story” and leave it at that. You don’t really owe your clients an explanation.

    Just don’t be weird about it and you should be fine.

  • Easy. Message on the front page that the new you will be progressively taking more duties from the old fake you. Make the switch in 3 months time.

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