Sometimes although I know I have a lot to do, I just procrastinate. What about you?

My company is doing fine, we had a nice growth compared to last year and everything is fine in my personal life. It’s just I get these “fed up” moments that last sometimes weeks.

I just feel I can’t even deal with anything anymore and do only the most mandatory tasks some kind of repulsion averting all responsabilities. It’s not that I feel down or depressed. My brain is just on idle mode on an extended notice.

Do you also feel this or are you always fired up and when not you just start considering moving on to another project?

  • Looks like we have the same “sickness” 🙂 I was just asking myself these same questions shortly and I’m in the same exact situation you are. After discussing with a therapist, some interesting line of thoughts came through. I’m a very imaginative person and probably a little anxious as well. So, I tend to see all the work that lies ahead and all the potential problems that I can encounter and figure out the appropriate plan of action. This is exhausting and tends to contribute to my “procastination”. The therapist mentioned that other people don’t tend to do that and just focus on what needs to be done now so they don’t really suffer from our “sickness”.

    • oh!! I can totally relate what you wrote here!

      I also have the big habit of planning ahead everything like backup plan 1 2 and 3.

      And am also very creative (aren’t we entrepreneurs all like this?)

      But soon I start identifying that action A or B will be a pain in the butt to achieve and start postponing and postponing.

      Sometimes even simple tasks are really just hard to accomplish because they feel meaningless.

      Then I look back and feel guilty of the things I could have done but have not, then again I feel like I should rest a bit. At the end of the day/week I haven’t rested or done anything and feel like crap and a fake entrepreneur…

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