Should I quit the startup?

I don’t think my co-founder has what it takes to start a company, sometimes i feel like i am filling in for him, he is too much dependent on me for all the stuff. Though the idea was his, I joined him just to have experience and see where things go, but as the time passing I want to see the result of what we are creating.

PS- He is very passionate about the idea.

  • He sounds like a leacher to me. (no offense)

    Some people are like that.

    If he really wants this to succeed, then he needs to at least shoulder 50% of the burden.

    Aka, instead of you doing all the programming, teach him a little, so he can do some of it as well.

    If he doesn’t want to do this, for what-ever excuse he comes up with, then you are dealing with a leacher indeed. Time to find out.

    Hope this help.


  • Then take the lead for your startup. The Idea (which came from him) is only one of thousand steps we will take, it doesn’t mean he should own the company.

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