SaaS Entrepreneurs: What are Your Adwords Conversion Rates?

Interested in what other smaller SaaS Adwords campaigns are converting at.

I’ll go first:

Average Conversion: 3.6%

Average CPC: $2.40

Product Pricing: ~$25/mo

Monthly Spend: less than $10k (in niche market with limited search volume)

  • It is hard to say anything without know about the product or few more factors. But you can do some calculation about it.

    Just calculate average customer acquisition cost, Life time customer value etc. If you don’t have previous experience in adword campaigns, It is better to consult someone who have experience in it.

  • Can I ask the general market you guys are in? A particular segment of SMBs, is it? Or a particular segment of Enterprise?

  • Paying for customer acquisition is total bullshit. You either have a tangible marketing plan or you’re a schmuck. Your SaaS platform better differentiate and do something smarter-cheaper-faster-better or your just another “me too”.

    Learn how to direct sell, raise the right amount of capital to hire a head of sales and build a decentralised team of direct sellers. If your build it “they won’t come” you have to go to them.

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