Roughly, how much do Cloud Servers cost a start-up at early stage?

  • If you are using Heroku, you’ll need, at minimum, a $20 SSL Endpoint and $9 / month Postgres Hobby Basic (though you can arguably use the free version) So, $29 / month. If you are using Digital Ocean, it’s $5-$10 but that’s more DIY.

    If you are using .NET, it’ll run $19 / mo for SSL and an Azure Website.

  • I had a $7 shared hosting account when all my projects sucked, a £15 rackspace cloud instance when I got to 2.5k monthly uniques and now a £30 instance because the database has grown a bit. Having said that, you could easily be in an area where your software needs a dozen dedicated servers to run with only a handful of customers.

  • Like one of the prior commenters says, it really depends. My suspicion is that most startups could probably get by on a few hundred dollars a year easily.

    OTOH you could easily end up with half a billion records in an SQL database and a huge Solr server. My company’s experience is probably atypical for a “startup” because we got into data-mining from the get-go. Our “cloud” costs have, over the years, been expensive enough that we should have just paid a little bit upfront for a dedicated physical infrastructure for processing and live data and made that our “cloud”.

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