Is Robert Scoble an Asset or Deficit to His Employer Now?

For the last couple of months the wheels have been coming off Robert’s life. Since he is the “face” of his employer, and there has been an admission of alcoholism, and others say drugs as well, is Robert still an asset to them?

As a founder, I would be troubled that the person who is the “face” for my brand is now becoming more known for other things, but I am not in Silicon Valley, so I wonder, can he come back from this 60 day sabbatical and still have influence, or has he damaged himself too much?

Let me be clear, we all want him well. I am not speaking in that regard, but just from the employer/employee aspect.

  • Well, you know that this is suppose to an anonymous forum – and by using your apparent colleague’s full name, you have violated his anonymity and the level of ethics on this forum.

    Shame on you!

    Don’t try to be appear to be cool – when you are an outer.

    If you have concerns – say it to Robert directly.

    Don’t be a back-stabber, which you have already proven yourself to be.

  • I think people are pretty understanding, especially if you own up to whatever demons it is you are facing. The best thing his company can do, (from both a moral and a PR standpoint…) is to stand behind the guy, while he figures out the next chapter in his existence. The alternative is to come off like a bunch of vindictive assholes…and no company needs that kind of PR.

    • Robert will have to spin himself first.You can’t hide an alcoholic and his behavior.Trust me.I know. If he gets some sobriety under his belt

      he could be more valuable than ever. Not an easy task. But Robert..if you

      need some help, please let me know.

  • Robert Scoble has been, is and will continue to be an asset to Rackspace.

    His ability to evangelise both for Rackspace and the start-ups he encounters is second to none add this to his skill/aptitude as a connector of people makes him a really valuable human being…not just an employee!

    Yes he has some ‘demons’ he needs to deal with and he’s been very open about these which is refreshing and is a force for good as it brings a story to these issues and helps others think about the reasons behind why people suffer from these ‘demons’.

    Rather than judge him try to empathise instead…it makes you a better employer, entrepreneur, founder and most of all human being.

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