Revolving VIP door into accelerators?

Read an article today in a popular biz mag about how a founder got into an accelerator more than once. The second time, by calling up the head of the program directly and pitching whatever ideas he had to see which would stick and got into next round.

Why do high profile accelerators allow past graduates to re-enter the program with a new idea when they already have access to the network? That just takes the spot of a team that really needs the guidance, network, exposure & backing. I actually thought the selection process was mostly unbiased. Silly me.

  • Accelerators first priority is to make money. If Mark zuckerberg wanted to enter one he would be accepted but of course he would look stupid. Nowhere it is stated that the priority of accelerators is to “help entrepreneurs”.

    Since the guy had been through it they probably know him well and trust his ability.

  • Generally to get into an accelerator, you can be one of the unwashed masses that get lucky and get in… generally you need to know a guy who knows a guy who can suck a good cock and then you get in.

    Nepotism and Cronyism at its finest.

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