How do you respond to pricing questions from the users on your site?

We have a lot of customers who reach out to us to inquire about our pricing. We only have demos and tutorials on the website. If we tell them the pricing, the curiosity is over and they do not respond. If we do not tell them the pricing, they don’t like it and they do not respond.

How do we handle such situations?

  • Since you didn’t mention this critical piece of information I’m assuming you have a software business.

    A lot of people expect software to be free, or practically free. You don’t want these people as customers. Put the pricing in a big font on your site and then you won’t have to waste your time with people who aren’t serious.

    If you’re selling to larger businesses it’s pretty typical for a low ranked employee to get tasked with finding out the price of 10 competing products. The number then ends up in an excel sheet. Since the only goal of this employee is to figure out the price, they’re obviously going to ignore you after.

    A third possibility is that your product isn’t very good, or priced unrealistically. So experiment a lot with pricing. It’s the only way to figure out what works best.

  • We’ve done this to vendors before, and I’m sure you have too. If your prices are disproportionally high, you may be perceiving your value as higher than than customers do. If your prices are in line, then features, functionality and sometimes reputation matter more to the customer. There’s a line at which price overwhelms value, and you want to stay on the value side. “The curiosity is over” may not be all of what’s going on.

  • In sales you want to get to a yes or no as quickly as possible. Best way to answer pricing questions, without knowing customer requirements, is “Our solutions typically range between X and Y”. If they go away, they weren’t a prospect.

  • I don’t understand the purpose of hiding the price unless your product is 100% custom. I hate when I’m shopping for a new software tool and I have to call for a price. Actually, if I don’t see a price, I assume it’s too expensive. Are you B2B? Are you adequately illustrating how your tool will reduce expenses or increase revenue? People will rationalize your price if they feel they will benefit from your product.

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