Raise money quickly at a low valuation

Hi everyone, I launched a startup few months ago with an angel, the company started well, we are solving a real issue, we have complementary team profile, and good metrics.

Everything is going well except that the angel that was suppose to help us for the next 6 months cannot pay anymore the future expenses (personal issues). We are 6 in the team and we have monthly costs, fees and salary.

I know that if we raise money now, it would be a good deal for investors, because we are in rush due to an unexpected event, and we need to quickly to raise money.

But I am ok with that, I am ok to raise money at a low valuation, I just want to have something settled down very quickly (before the end of the month) even if I get a very bad deal (not too bad).

I am Paris based. Do you know a venture capital that make quick decisions, or what is my best solution to raise quickly (just few months of capital to win some time) even if it’s not a good deal for me?


  • VC is actually there for your quick raising.
    Just open a reasonable deal so that you can close it quickly and handle it.

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