Possible to remotely run a new startup?

I’m 24. I study in abroad and am currently interning. I believe I have some good ideas which I can execute with the help of a couple of student interns and a friend to manage the project (in my home country). I believe I can work with them over weekends, pay them a fair stipend and a part revenue share for their work. My friend back home will handle the operations and will be a link between me and the interns. I will do the concept design and my friend and the two interns will deliver. I will have daily meetings with my friend to get updates on the project.

1. hiring interns in my home country reduces costs

2. It gives me a chance to give back to my college- where there is smart talent

3. Staying abroad lets me gain experience ; helps me build a network to deliver truly international products

4. My friend is very trustworthy

What problems could I possibly face and how do I mitigate them?

  • Our start-up started remotely five years ago, and now a properly established company, we still run with multiple people all over the world.

    It is a good structure, but as you grow communication problems do arise, through lack of face-to-face contact – so you will find you will want a drop-in office at some point. Yet with the rise of VOIP, now is a great time to experiment with this. Your travel bill will likely become a big cost item, but this will be offset by less office expense.

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