Would you partner with a competitor?

So we are getting ready to launch our product and I have this crazy idea. I want to partner with a company that I’m trying to put out of business 🙂 Assuming they agree, is that a good idea? To put it a bit more in perspective: It would be like if Henry Ford said, try our car and if you hate it, we’ll buy you a horse. But he partnered with the horse company where they gave away the horse, so it didn’t cost Ford anything. Am I nuts?

  • Oligopoly is the way to go, and happens eventually whether you try to or not, so you may as well get started early and often.

    • That may be a bad example. But the point is they give away a little to a super targeted market so they can sell more later. Kind of like giving away the horse to sell the saddle, food, boarding, medicine, lessons, etc.

  • Bad idea, had a similar experience where a competitor approached our company, They will try and stall and get as much information from you as possible to replicate your offering if they see you as a threat. We decided against it and told them to fuck off in a nice way of course. If you cannot compete and grow faster than them then you have no product and should go back to the drawing board.

  • Sounds like you’re just scared and trying to hedge your bets early. Or else this was linkbait to post a blog post (like above).

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