Am I the only one who thinks the Valley is getting too damn PC?

So this Atlassian developer puts out a slide on why “Maven is my girlfriend” and the WHOLE internet blows up… well mainly female journalists get all offended and stuff.

I’m like chillax!! He didn’t say “Maven is like A girlfriend” and even if he does, so effin what? Imagine if we went into a conference full of female professionals and a woman puts up a slide on “My Laptop is My Boyfriend”… would guys get all pissed off?

Seriously people!!

And what takes the cake is how Atlassian is totally chugging down the PC kool-aid and vowing to make changes and all. Atlassian… at the risk of sounding sexist… grow some b*lls and back up your developer!


  • OP here. OK I acknowledge the conference is in Berlin and Atlassian is Australian and Valleywag is run out of NYC – so Valley is not the right term. So lets change it to “Tech” then.

  • As an objectophilic I am deeply offended by the comments of this programmer. Not only is he completely disregarding the emotions of a portion of the population, but also completely ignoring a very underrepresented segment in tech.

    How am I to feel welcome in this industry when he says something so horribly insulting?

    • How on God’s earth is this insulting? Its a pun on relationship dynamics. People bitch about guys/girls in relationships ALL the time. I have a female coworker to complains loudly about her boyfriend and uses generalities like “oh you know how GUYS are” and everyone laughs.

      IF the programmer said – Maven is like Female Programmers

      – Can’t code worth a damn

      – Takes 10x longer to finish a task etc

      (I’m giving an example here – don’t crucify me).

      Then YES, that IS insulting.

    • As a society, we shouldn’t act based on what may or may not offend others. Your comment insulted me, but you still said it anyway.

  • It’s about having sensitivity around certain issues i.e. the Mark Cuban comment of a black kid with a hoodie. It’s these generalizations about people that perpetuate ignorant views AND it’s just different when you put down a segment of the population that has perpetually been disparaged. A population which still get’s paid less, less funding and get’s harassed in the (work)space. THAT’S WHY IT’S AN ISSUE.

    Feel free to swap girlfriend with any minority segment of the population and then maybe you’ll get it.

    When in doubt. Just don’t. If you’re not in doubt then maybe take some time to understand the issue, really take some time.

    • So wait, something is insensitive ONLY because it references a minority group? So the exact same statement if made towards a majority group is fine then?

      • Things are not insensitive only with reference to minority groups but the issue is more blatant when it is. All-in-all it’s just in poor taste minority or not.

    • I disagree completely! Look, I’m gay, and I pretty often see references to my minority, sometimes portrayed as a bunch of flamboyant guys, and many other things. The thing is, it would be stupid for me to get offended about that, because it is not a personal insult, but rather a remark on a stereotype which, truth be told, has some substance in it.

      In the same way, I would say girlfriends tend to complain a lot (and gay boyfriends too, btw, you can take my word for it), midgets are not tall, and brogrammers are kind of annoying, so let’s not be ridiculous and fall into the stupidity of political correctness, and accept a joke when it is nothing more than that.

      • Question for gay guy who just posted- would you be offended by a fashion start up that said it’s target market were young women and gays in their deck?

        • No. I wouldn’t. Why would it offend me?

          It sounds like a lrgitimate niche. I mean, I would most likely not buy from them, as I hardly fit into the stereotype, but I know a gazillion guys who do.

          I fail to see how that would be more offensive than a startup targeting seniors, wine lovers or kids.

  • The communal circle jerk brograsms and the general sexist environment of the tech field is one of the big reasons that barely any women want to work in the field.

    I can’t think of any other business sector that let’s men get up on stage to pitch companies as whiny girlfriends or with products to stare at women’s tits.

    Women (and you) should be sick of this shit, not sick of the fact that women are frustrated and angry about being harassed, made fun of and objectified in the tech world.

    • If you are gonna let a bunch of jerks ruin your dream, then you don’t deserve to succeed (that is a quote I adapted from Legally Blonde, great source for inspiration)

    • Few women work in the field because few women like to do programming. Look at highschool, how many girls vs boys have an interest in programming? That’s before any possible sexist environmint can discourage them to stop in the field.

  • Perhaps the developer could have created a product that compares men to maybe “lazy slobs” as much in addition to having a product that is compared to a “whiny girlfriend”.

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