Ok to still be feeling burnout?

Shut down my startup about a year and a half ago. For the most part I have come to piece with the startup ending (was not easy), but now when I have a new idea … really just no longer motivated anymore.

Got a good gig now working for something. But still miss the excitement and rush from when I had the startup. So when a new idea comes in I get excited and then I feel like I hit a wall and then just loose interest. One side of me says give it a break I did spend 5 years working on it, its ok to take some time off. But the other side of me is like you need to hustle and get going e.g.

Don’t get me wrong things are going really well … and super fortunate but even amongst all of it something in me feels empty. Even find myself having a hard time finding a hobby … any suggestions?

  • Why did you shut down?

    Perhaps your last sentence said it… you need something to fill your time. Btw, what if your hobby was running start-ups?!

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