Is it ok to quit even if business could be viable?

I got completely burned out and depressed to the point of not even getting out of bed due to a huge legal battle with ex-cofounder that dragged on for a year. Took another year of going through the motions but not really moving the company forward to get out of that funk.

Because we hit product market fit very early, have great unit economics, and low churn (many of our customers have been with us for 2+ years) I feel obligated to jump back in and push hard. If I push hard on marketing I believe I can get profitable in 3 months. I’m scared that I will put myself in a situation where I am forced to hire employees (huge headache) or bring on a partner (i’m extremely cynical and distrustful at this point).

If we bootstrap we will have to pay back a convertible note. This is overwhelming to me.

Is it ok to quit even if business could be viable?

  • New business opportunities and ideas come and go, and in the grand picture, really dont matter.

    There is only one of you. Take care of yourself first.

  • Hi, I”m an I/O psychologist with an interest in entrepreneurs from the psychology/well-being perspective. I urge you – Please take care of your well being first. Everything else can be resolved, but you can’t make good decisions if you’re health/mental state is at issue. There is no shame in taking care of yourself and prioritizing your health.

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