How should non-tech leads inform themselves?

A project led by non-techies is inching towards making a decision about tech stack options. Listening to various developer suggestions has been useful, but convincing counter arguments are proving to be a challenge to wade through.

Ideally would like to be able to suggest an easy to understand resource/approach for the team to use to fill in the gaps in their understanding so they’re comfortable with the decision they make?

  • Fortunately, you can’t screw this one up as long as you pick a modern programming language. Don’t kill yourself trying to find the best possible answer because there isn’t one. You won’t feel comfortable about your decisions but those feelings will eventually dissipate.

    If you want to be honest with your team, explain that if your company is ultimately successful, it will become polyglot– programming and persistence wise.

    Martin Fowler explains:

    • Thanks, that’s reassuring to think about programming choices not needing to be the very best and only option.

      Haven’t come across polyglot persistence before so cheers for the link!

  • They inform themselves through others. If they’re not sharing information, they won’t get it either.

  • A.) There are plenty of good-enough options. It won’t sink your company.

    B.) Get a technical lead on board. Someone who will be invested in the success of the venture.

  • Depends what level of decision are you making. Say “we want to write it in XYZ”. Assuming that its’ a web app, maybe you want to write part of it in XYZ (API server) and the UI in JavaScript (AngularJS or whatever). THE POINT is you don’t know what you don’t know, so find someone qualified to decide: preferably someone who doesn’t work for you, a friend, who wants to help you.

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