Are you in this for the money?

Does money rule your drive and thoughts?

      • +1. Lack of money to do my project “right” makes me incredibly frustrated since I may end up failing because I couldn’t do it properly instead of because it was a bad idea. That is a really depressing feeling.

        Also, not having the funding to pay myself a real living wage introduces a ton of additional personal stress into my life that definitely carries over into my work. It’s very mentally taxing to have to worry about literally paying my rent while also dealing with the stress of my company succeeding or not.

        All that stress from lack of money definitely makes me want to get rich too though; if I had a million (or even a few tens of thousands) in the bank personally, I would sleep better, get more done, and not have to wonder every day if I should maybe spend some time looking for side work to pay the bills.

          • … what universe does this comment come from? =P

            Maybe if the entire company is a business model innovation, sure, but investors don’t understand hard tech and because of that almost never invest until there is either a revenue stream or proof of concept samples in the field. And I can’t blame them, sometimes physics just doesn’t work out for you. But it’s hard to get to a proof of concept in hard tech without funding first, and it’s disheartening when it’s ambiguous if the problem is that it’s not physically possible or if it’s totally possible but you just can’t do it on a shoestring budget.

  • The equity component of start-ups ties you to them, with the potential promise of the pay-out. The relentless pursuit of 50% to 100% growth or more has to be in part about the money.

    Although money is probably secondary for many people working in a start-up, because the desire of most people who choose such a precarious life is to make an impact.

    The short-term reality is you will be poorer than in many other pursuits.

  • I am a founder and yes money is important but it is secondary. Obviously my startup has to grow to the point that I can pay myself a salary so I can sustain my family. Hopefully it will make me wealthy one day, but that will be the cherry on the cake.

    You have only one life, you need make the most of it.

  • As others have said, the money is secondary to the vision. To the solution you have, to the problem you are solving, to the value you are creating for someone else. It’s far more about the idea than the money. Feed the kids, keep a roof over your head and pay the bills. In that order. Anything on top of that is a bonus.

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