Should I meet with a person to discuss becoming a technical co-founder even if I don’t have time to do this?

I am not trying to be mean or waste the person’s time, but I figure that I can increase my network (founder is from SF). I also have many excuses I can use to say no.

Is this ethical or will it hurt me in the long run?

  • Sure, you might say yes if he is a great CEO with an inspiring vision. Otherwise just let him know you’re not interested afterwards. You don’t have to marry after one date.

  • How can it hurt you in the long run when you say you’ve got a ton of legit reasons to turn him down later? Unless by long run you mean when Peter looks into the celestial cloud database for your records at the Pearly Gates.

  • I presume that YOU are the prospective technical co-founder.

    My 2 second impression is that you network to the extent that it helps you get your next chunk of cheese, content with racing your life through the maze.

    You probably don’t have the time, the interest, or the capacity to take on such a great risk in your life. You also probably have few, if any, relationships with people outside of your profession, including entrepreneurs.

    You probably shouldn’t waste this guy’s time.

    • Don’t listen to this dick, go meet him. It may change your mind about not taking the job. It happened to me once, and it was a great decision I never thought I would make.

      • Is there any chance you could make a constructive comment without calling someone a “dick”? Just because you have anonymity on this site doesn’t mean you should be crass.

        • I normally don’t. But read at what this guy said: “You probably don’t have the time, the interest, or the capacity to take on such a great risk in your life.”

          There are many founders who are under the impression that they are special, and smarter than the regular person. That they have more capacity or something. And then they say these kinds of things.

          You don’t have the capacity? Come on. Total dick.

    • Original poster here. For the record the founder is a she not a he. I can drop things to do this, but for the most part I am busy atm so it really depends. Anyways thanks for all the great answers!

  • Tell him you know you won’t take the job but you’re still available to meet if he wants.

    Or more details: You know you don’t have time for this, so the odds of you agreeing, based on the little you know already, are around 2% (fill in correct estimation), but you never know and even if you don’t there may be other ways you can help without expending too much time, so he’s welcome to decide.

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