How many of these tactics have you seen in real life?

From humorous article titled 8 Tricks to Appear Like An Important VC:

1. Namedrop notable founders and investors using only their first name.
2. Be late to meetings, or better yet – reschedule meetings at the last minute.
3. Keep your email autoresponder on at all times.
4. Congratulate people publicly on their funding or acquisition announcements.
5. Criticize other VCs for not being founder friendly.
6. Joke about how valuations are too high.
7. Hold meetings at a non-mainstream coffee shop.
8. Lament about deals you passed on that are now $1B companies.
9. Predict the future.(“Marketplaces are going to blow up in 2015”)

Although the article’s a parody, I’m sure many founders have run into douches playing out some of them. Who, which, where?

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