Let’s team members go?

Need to pull the bandaid off and let a non-technical employee go.  There is no real performance issue other than the person is moving at status quo pace.  He comes in on time, gets his stuff done and leaves when the whistle blows.  We know its not a glamorous job and underpaid, but we need to watch our burn at this point.

Anyone go through this and have examples of how to break the news?  How will it affect this person’s peers who are safe (for now).  They may not burn the midnight oil, but they think outside the box and create/execute ideas.

  • These are all pretty good pieces of advice that have been used on me as an employee successfully:


    I think number 2 and 4 are most important. If you can do anything at all to help them find another job, offer to do so. Give them a letter saying that they are being let go because you’re eliminating the position, not because of poor performance that they can use with the unemployment office or to show a future potential employer so that it doesn’t look like they were fired. Give them a few weeks notice at least and continue paying for them, but don’t expect them to work much since they’ll be using the time to find another job.

    That kind of stuff helps a lot.

  • Agreed. I was let go at an early stage startup simply because of poor timing. Was given 1 month’s pay upon departure which spoke volumes about the integrity of the CEO, and solidified my future cordial relationship with him.

  • Were the expectations laid perfectly clear that there needs to be more than “He comes in on time, gets his stuff done and leaves when the whistle blows. ” to perform in the job? Or you’re being passive aggressive and not mentioning anything of working past 40h for fear of legal repercussions perhaps? Unless its as clear as in Jack Ma’s 1999 speech to his employees, the problem is most likely you. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up9-C4_8dVo

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