Should I leave my startup?

Years ago, a family member and myself started a company. We successfully raised our Seed a year ago and are now raising Series A (and it’s looking good). Over the years I have bumped heads with my cofounder (family/CEO) due to the lack of respect and treating me like their employee. Now that we are a growing company with many more employees I have been pushed to the sidelines and I am left out of important decisions and conversations. I am a young female (the rest are 30+ year old men from Stanfard, google, etc). The company is doing well but I think i might go crazy if i stay.

  • I know that it’s a bad situation. The best thing is that you tell your feelings to your cofounders, honestly and ithout any stress. You should tell them that you have a bad feeling when they ignore you.

    I think this is the first step. And I promise you manny of your problems will be resolved by only this step, because your biggest problem now is the sychological pressure from yourself and your mind.

    So, please don’t be scared of your cofounders’ reaction. Don’t attack to them, just express yourself and your feelings and be sure that you can find a solution toghether.

  • What is your role exactly? Technical, Business or Investor? Are you an equal co-founder to your family member? What % do you own? Did you directly contribute to the current evolution/success of the product (did you code, did you bring in clients or revenue, did you introduce valuable contacts i.e. mentors, investors or employees?

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