Would you leave your kids for a few months to join an incubator? Is it different for Mothers vs Fathers?

  • I’m a father of 3 and did this exact thing last year. In order for it to work for me, I had to fly to and from San Francisco each week. I’d fly in each Sunday night and leave each Thursday evening. Did this for three months. Spent $3000 on flights during that time.

    It may sound like a shitty set up, but it really wasn’t that bad. Whether or not it was worth it is yet to be determined.

  • I think it’s different for fathers. Mothers are more important when you have small children. Fathers can just make sure to send money while they’re gone. After all, if he’s successful then he’ll be helping his whole family; it isn’t a selfish act.

  • I can be done, sure. But you won’t get that time back when they’re little. It’s gone for good.

    I say this as a father.

  • Well a) that’s sexist to say one gender is more important than the other in the lives of young children.

    B) I know an amazing female founder in an accelerator who is a mother and her kids are back east. It’s what she needs to do for the business (and her business is going to kill it). Every partnership makes these work/life decisions and I think it’s truly whatever is best for each family.

    • You must be one of these oversensitive feminists arent you?

      Nature has distinguished the role of male and female in these kind of manners, and specifically referring so is not sexist. Its a more educated guess towards a difference then your perspective might ever offer you.

    • If you believed that both genders are as important to the lives of young children then why don’t you hire a male babysitter? See, we naturally view women as being better at taking care of children than men. Men are the providers; women are the caretakers.

      I have no issue with women working, but I think men should always work; I hate the idea of a stay at home dad; just so pathetic.

  • I could never leave my kids for 3 months. I am a mother and my kids are still young. My kids can barely handle it if I am gone for a two week trip. I don’t even applied to the best incubators because I just don’t see a practical way to do it.

    Perhaps if I had a better husband or a more supportive family it would be different but as things stand, it would just be impossible.

    Will have to be like other poster and be a stay at home mom who has $10 mil exit 🙂

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