How do you keep sane bootstrapping a startup from home?

Single founder, building a SaaS solution and doing consulting on the side. I’m finding my days to be SO unproductive because I’m always scattered since there are so many things that are pulling for my attention. Client work, marketing, managing outsourced dev work, social media, bookkeeping, following up, making calls. I’m finding myself overwhelmed and mentally drained just thinking of all the work then procrastinating and taking naps during the day and little progress gets done. What have you done to keep yourself sane?

  • Same thing here 🙂 First, I guess you need to break isolation from time to time and talk/see other people from time to time. Now to address the prioritization part, what I tend to do is to create a Kanban board (Jira, Trello, etc). Your backlog (first column) is all the tasks that need to be done. Then based on the emergency of the day/week, you move some items to the second column. If your WIP (Work in Progress) is 4 then you will need to have at least completed 1 in that column before moving another one from the backlog. Then you move items to the “In Progress” column, work on it and complete them.

    It doesn’t need to represent your entire day but at least it’s what need focus and you finish those before getting to other tasks.

  • Managing Outsourcing dev work that can take up way too much time. Why not get a time rich cofounder pay them a small stipend and let them do some work? It can work out cheaper than outsourcing.

  • Beware of outsourcing / freelancers. They are cheap but they did a horrible job for me. 3 years down the line we have to rewrite the whole app as there are bugs / bad architecture everywhere. Also lots of team problems because of different mentality.

    I never thought this could be such an issue. As soon as you can afford hire local developers.

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