How to keep yourself motivated?

I started a business as a way to repay debts incurred when the firm I was trading in ran away with all my clients and my money. All my savings. Gone.

Skip the topic about legal technicalities and whether or not I should be the one repaying. I already decided to pay my clients. End of that discussion.

I was in chronic depression for a year (couldn’t get out of the house). And then started a business when I was feeling better. I then sought professional help and was put on antidepressants.
It helped. The business folded due to lack of capital and overhead.

I recalibrated this business, changed its model and now it has close to zero overhead and it is running.

I know with my ideas, I could well double/triple/quintuple the current revenue/income I am getting. But I get lazy. I get distracted. I stall. I procrastinate. Sometimes I even let customers slide past.


I know I can do it but why am I not motivated?

Any help would be appreciated!

  • Get out of the house for one, maybe head to a library or Starbucks. I procrastinated like hell when I worked out of home on my startup, once I started working outside, it helped tremendously.

    Also set bite-sized goals. I found myself MASSIVELY procrastinating the harder I pushed myself. I think its my subconscious telling me I’m biting off more than I can chew at the moment.

    It took me years to get a balance – to the point I don’t hit the procrastination brakes every time I push myself too hard but I think I’m sorta there.

  • sit and meditate – imagine you have lost everything — your loved ones, your job prospects, your house, your car, your health

    realize that you may lose all of these things if you don’t take the situation seriously enough

    rinse, repeat

  • I was the one who started the thread:

    Appreciate all the inputs.

    Outsourcing was what I was thinking of for a long time. But need to find the right people. I am currently doing all the customer relations. I can probably hire for this but not reached my $ goal for me to do that, yet. Still working on it. Yep, good idea.

    Going out really helps because sometimes you get lost when you stay in the house by yourself for extended periods. Seeing the outward success of others prompt me too, to do what I should do to increase the success I am already experiencing on this business. It’s a…. “if they can do it, SO CAN I” feeding time for me. Thanks.

    I pretty much lost everything, including my health. Health was one of the reasons which sent me down the depression path, as well. Already past my lowest point and I am just working my way up once more.

    Will take a look at the link about startwithwhy. Thank you!

    Many thanks to all!

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