How do I justify a business I know is a great idea that won’t be enough to support me.

I think this is something that would really be helpful to those it would service, but I do not know if there is enough beyond a small margin of profit. I feel like this is something that I personally think there is something there. I just do not know if I will be able to put forth the effort needed without the means to support my family.

  • You have 3 choices; 1. Work out a way to make your idea profitable. 2. Work out a way to carry out your idea without it needing to be profitable -ie. Have another income stream or 3. Forget it. It’s not really a ‘business idea’ if it’s not profitable. It might be a nice idea for a charitable organization? Perhaps talk to a mentor to see if there are ways your idea could become a business.

  • The question is is it something that requires a lot of effort? If not, create it, slap adsense on it and be done with it. And if it takes off, revisit it again.

  • My wife did one of these. Started as a non profit, but the more she dug into the market, idea grew/evolved into a real, very big thing. Now a for profit about to close major venture round.

    Is there more to your market than the original concept?

  • That is awesome for your wife! OP here. I think there is definitely a potential to make money and I think I could be in the green quickly, I just do not know how it will scale. Maybe I am just being to scared to try it. The issue for me is the startup period. Giving it the initial time that it will need at the expense of my current sysad job, not to mention the side freelance work. I do not think the amount of profit needed would come quick enough to justify the initial time needed. I do not want to put my family in an unneeded tight spot being the income provider. My wife currently is staying home with my youngest daughter for another couple of years.

    I think I have found a way to extend the profitability, but I think it will just take time before it would be enough to be able to support my family.

    I know its only three comments so far, but just the simple conversation is helping me out immensely.

    • Umm cant you do it part time? Look if you’re unwilling to spend part time work on it then you’re better off not doing it.

      • Yes that is what I am going to attempt. Guess I am just getting too overzealous and wanted to go full throttle. I feel like I have a probably unwarranted anxiety to get it up and running quickly.

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