Just quit my startup due to cofounder conflict

I just quit from a startup due to cofounder conflict. I was an engineer in that company. It was a bootstrapped company.

Right now I’m in a dilemma about my next move. I have a few options in front of me:

1. Get a job

2. Work as a freelancer

3. Start a web dev agency

I have a couple of potential startup ideas, but I want to do proper customer discovery on it before I start building.

What will be a better option for me?

  • If you are entrepreneureal, I think 2 or 3 works. 2 is probably easier to get started. If you are tired of startup founding, getting a job is not bad.

    • OP here,

      Yes, 2 will comes with less strings. So, I can work on my ideas in free time.

      If I choose 3, what will be the drawbacks ?

      • I think getting clients is the hardest part, unless you live in a city like San Francisco or New York, and you are a people person and can network like crazy.

        For me, it’s near impossible living in the midwest and being very introverted. So I stuck with #2

    • There is nothing as mess. Still I’m maintaining a good relationship with my friends/ previous co founders.

      The reason for this conflict was my Political/ Philosophical opinions. I won’t be a good fit for the companies vision.

  • I would choose #1. With a steady income and stream of work, you will have stability. You can take your time polishing your next idea and jump when you are ready.

    • Op here,

      I’m in my early twenties with some savings, I’m from a fairly rich family in my state (a third world country).

      A steady income is not my priority. But I will look for some jobs that gives a better learning experience.

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