Judge my idea

From the dopey ideas to the flashes of brilliance, do you know anywhere we can easily/rapidly get our ideas judged? Or is this something to build? πŸ™‚

  • You can post it here if you like.

    But really its pointless. You need to get it judged by a potential customer. With Social Media its not hard to find people in your target market.

  • Are you solving a problem? Make a list of questions and get out in a busy area of your city and ask potential customers their opinion.

    Go to a Startup Weekend event. From the moment it starts your idea will be tested and your eventual team and mentors will beat the idea down to a pulp and put it against market competitors, make you get out and survey customers and ultimately see if it could have a shot or if its a dud. Its a great experience.

  • rapidly get our ideas judged

    Ask a person if he wants to pay money for your stuff. Biggest and most relevant judgement you can get. If the person says yes -> take the money and your idea was just proven.

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