I’ve been supporting my husband’s startup ambitions, but they don’t seem to be going anywhere

I’ve been the sole breadwinner for my family since I was 6 months pregnant. My child is now 17 months and my husband has not made a dime with this startups. They don’t seem to be going anywhere and many of his original ideas he quit after realizing they won’t work.

He does help out in other ways with our child because I have a demanding job. He wants me to give him another 3 years to continue to make progress but I’m worried about that.

What should I do?

  • Support him.

    I help my family by been nursing to elderly and my grandparents are alive due to my dedication to them.

    I initially thought I could have launched.in 2015 and now it’s three years.

    I am still going strong.

    But my support in life is also getting too much worried.

    I hope he is able to so positive progress this year.

    I wish I could have been more of help.

    Take care.dear

    Sometimes you have to be a moment and dad to your partner and a friend.

  • Difficult decision. Startups are a constant up and down.

    If you believe in his idea then go and support him. If you don’t then make that clear to him. He could always get a job and work on his startup ideas over the weekends.

  • If he is helping out with the child, and you have a demanding job, what would happen if he goes back to work? Would the child be placed in daycare? If so, is the cost worth it (e.g., is his after tax salary greater than the cost of daycare and other work related expenses (e.g., gas, lunch, parking, work clothes, etc.) Also, if he ends up in a demanding job, who will be the primary emergency caregiver for the child (e.g., sick days, doctors visits, etc.). Depending on the situation, it may make sense for him to stay with the start up until the child is older. But at some point, if the startup does not get off the ground, he needs to consider alternatives.

  • Been there; we as a couple fought many arguments; we didn’t have physical presence of grandies on either side to take care/support our kid ( same age).

    I jumped back to Corp and working, while working on startup (continuing) on the side. It will take loooonger time, but if the idea is worth it, why not?

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