Is it worth going to SXSW V2V?

East Coast startup bootstrapping. The cost of going to the event, is it worth it? Or, is it hype with no outcome?

  • any event depends on what your goals are. is it press? is it finding investors? is it selling? we did it in 2011 – not really worth it. we did ok, but it’s too unfocused. more interlopers than real players. find an event in your space and spend some dough on that. the sxsw audience is there to party more than work.

    • I agree. I find most of these events useless; even TechCrunch Disrupt. VCs and other investors are there to have fun; not to scout out talent. You’ll just come across as desperate if you harass them at conferences. Trust me, I’ve been in that situation as the annoying founder pitching my company to every VC at a conference and they all find some excuse to wander off.

  • Really depends on what your business is. SXSW has essentially become a conference for marketers – brands, agencies, and vendors. If you sell into marketers it can be fantastic. If you’re a consumer app thinking you’re going to catch your big break – it’s going to probably disappoint.

    My only real issue with SXSW is all the wantrepreneurs. The fill the lines and blabber on and on about internet celebrity A or buzzword B or consumer app C to sound like they are in the know. As if that’s some sort of proxy for their ability to build…

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