Is it reasonable to reconsider equity split if the founder is underperforming?

2.5 years ago, I started a company. Progress has been difficult, so was finding the right team. Turns out I’m somewhat difficult to work with, which I’ve been working on.

My previous cofounders left due to the mix of both points – the lack of significant progress and my challenging personality. After a brief crisis, I found new cofounders. I gave them more space to make/impact decisions, worked on improving myself. Teamwork was regularly difficult, also because we started with trust issues (they heard bad stuff from my previous cofounders, I had some trust issues due to the shitty way one of the previous cofounders left).

After working together for a little over half a year, we’ve made some business progress, and I’ve made some professional progress. However, esp in the latter aspect, my cofounders feel I’m lacking. They see this a reason to reconsider our equity split. Since I’ve already invested all my personal savings (enough to buy a nice tesla) and about 2 years before they joined, to me the current 50/25/25 split seems fair.

What do you guys & gals think? How are my chances if I have to find new cofounders again?

  • whether you have spent your last 2 months or your last 2 decades is of no interest. It seems currently you are owning 50% of the company, and theother 2 persons are owning 50%, too. Now let us assume your work force, for the company, has the same value as the workforce of your other 2 partners. Does the company pay normal salaries ? Or are the 3 of you paid in shares ? If the 3 of you are getting paid in shares, that means today you have a splitup of 50:25:25, but tomorrow it will be 51 shares : 26 shares : 26 shares, which means it goes in the direction of 48:26:26. Just apply the slicing pie method…

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