How important are team members?

I am creating a company, but most of the work will be outsourced till I find people to be part of the team.

My question is do people care if a company was created by just one person and is the only member of the company?

Or, do they feel better when more people are involved?

  • They won’t care. Outsourced workers just want your money and are not really interested in whether there is one or a thousand people associated with the company.

    • Author: i was actually referring to how potential customers react if a company was run by only one person. i am asking because i thinking of removing the team section on my website.

  • I began a business at the age of 25. It is VERY VERY hard running a business alone. A team is absolutely essential for your success in business. Even if it only consits if one or two others.

      • This is such a freaking hard call to make and something I’ve been struggling with myself…I was so fucking lonely and depressed running my startup that I said okay I have to wait burn a little cash and find quality people immediately. It’s been 2 weeks since the new team members have come on board and it’s been incredibly rough trying to get everyone to play together nicely. The things that I think have helped so much are 1) the opportunity is so obvious and there’s almost no more work to be done 2) everything is transparent and open 3) everyone has experience in startups so there is an incredibly high degree of maturity.

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