I helped close a 9 figure raise … got nada. Is my company taking advantage of me?

I played an outsized role in my company’s recent fundraising round (a big one – 9 figures, late series). I was recognized for my achievements and praised by the entire executive team.

Although we engaged an external firm for support (at a hefty expense), I did much of the core work. When we closed the round – which exceeded expectations – I didn’t receive a bonus, and my compensation was adjusted only minimally (~6 months later).

I’ve been told I’m a top performer and the company has given me more responsibility. Are they taking advantage of me?

  • why would you expect to get raise when that money raised belongs to startup expenses??? If i’m an angel, I don’t want my investment to be used for employee bonus.

  • You were rewarded with more responsibility. If money is your main driver, you should have communicated this earlier. Perhaps being money driven doesn’t fir their culture?

  • If you are a top notch employee and help with key business that should be reflected in the equity that you get in the startup. That’s the proper way to align interests, the company succeeds, you succeed.

    If you feel that the equity package you have doesn’t reflect that I would raise that issue with management.

    Good luck!

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