How much truth is behind Facebook’s business ads case studies?

Eg in link below, it says that company gained these increases: 100% in sales, 5X in FB traffic to their site, 75% in # of subscribers, 50% reduction in cost-per-lead in ads.  But it doesn't say based on how many customers, sales or subscribers to start with.  Without the baseline, how is any of that info useful?  Or am I missing something that I could use to get the starting #s?

  • You can’t transpose ads results from one company to another. The big advantage of Facebook campaigns is their cost. You can easily make a test with a few bucks. Start with small campaigns, very specific, and measure their effects. Try paying per impressions or per click. You will refine along the way. But never start with a single big campaign with all your marketing budget. The goal for your very first campaigns should be collecting metrics for your future marketing budget allocations.

  • All of the big guys ad data is total BS. There is no reality to a small shop owner or owner of a couple of locations. the chances of you actually making a dent is by putting up compelling content and if you are going to do that then why do you want your brand mixed in with all that crap. Put it on your own website and cross post to facebook. Spend $50 — Facebook needs the money.

  • Worked with the FB on one of these exact case studies previously– numbers are definitely massaged/inflated to get those vanity metrics. E.g., one campaign on one day drove a handful of conversions at a CPA half of what we’d normally expect– “lowered CPA by 50%”.

    These metrics are not transferable business to business… only way to make it work is to run small tests and figure it out for yourself.

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