How do you become an entrepreneur if you’re older, have family, loans, etc?

My wife and I are thinking of starting the entrepreneurship journey.  We have a great idea (SaaS in LegalTech), we’ve done market research, we’ve talked to potential clients, and we’re about to hire a developer to create an MVP.  Currently, we both have full-time jobs.  We live in a very high-cost city, have over $3k of monthly student loans, $3k in rent, I have mandatory child support payments of $2k, etc.  Point being – we probably need $7k-$10k of monthly income just to live.

We have some money saved up but that would go towards the business and not living expenses.  I’m sure there are other startup founders who have been in the same situation.

How do you do a startup but also cover living expenses?  I understand that raising money is an option but would a VC really understand if you tell them that you need a $100-$200k salary?  That sounds crazy to me.

  • Would it be possible for just one of you to go full time into the business? That would take some strain off finances.

    Also by having an income you get some tax benefits as you’d be able to write off the income from the initial expenses in the business.

    As for 100k salary, that’s a tall order but it depends on how convincing your pitch is. If you have customers ready to sign orders and you just need to build a product. you might be able to find investors that will go for it.

  • What is your schedule ?: for creating the Minimum Viable Product, maybe it need needs just 20% of your time, and 100% of the software developers time ?

  • At this stage, do not quit for both of you. It is going to take you significant time to get to enough income to support you both. Nights and weekends…. you asked how people support themselves? They work 80 hour weeks with the other 8 hrs at night after the job and on weekends. It is going to highly stress your relationship with your wife, and your kids.

    Both work, manage it, hire out the work. Or one quits – you rebase your living circumstances to fully live off that one salary.

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